Spring Lookbook 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Forev's 21 find and What are you wearing these days?

I bought this jacket after seeing something similar on Olivia Palermo (similar is the key word here). It is actually a great fit and the sweatshirt material on the sleeves and hood is super soft.  I am wearing this all the time and with everything. For the price ($40) this is a great find. ALSO, often clients will call me and describe in detail exactly what they like to wear. I ask them to send me a photo or two and it helps me see their style and gives me a springboard for what direction to go in. I would LOVE to see what YOU are wearing! Email me under my contacts link with a photo of what you are wearing--OR,it can be a link of what you love right now. I am going to do a post on what my readers are wearing. xo Beverly  

The look I was after...

Forev's 21 Jacket

Me in my new fave:

Here is what I am wearing with this to jazz it up a bit:
Club Monaco Railroad stripe jeans photo via Le Catch
Hermes double tour leather wrap bracelet image via Mymanybags

I think this bracelet is a great investment piece because it gives you instant style and gives the rest of what you're wearing more shine.

I don't know about you but this is what I'M wearing says Ruby:

Favorite J Crew jewelry

I love these pieces from J Crew. They are the perfect size and good quality. A few from Madewell too. I added a few lookbooks with some of these pieces mixed in.
 Anchor earrings
J Crew anchor earrings

Knot bracelet
J Crew knot bracelet

Anchor ring
J Crew Anchor ring

Lulu Frost for J.Crew winged glory necklace
Lulu Frost for J Crew Necklace

These are on sale:
Grand stone bracelet
Grand Stone Bracelet 
Jewel teardrop earrings
Jewel teardrop earrings

ALSO, Love these from Madewell
Pave Chevron Cuff
Pave Chevron Cuff
Sparkle Drop Earrings
Sparkle drop earrings

Madewell Jcrew
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

J Crew Madewell
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Madewell and Tenoversix

Madewell and Tenoversix are some of my favorite lines.  Tenoversix is full of inspiring fashion that is outside of the box. Madewell is chic and affordable. Together, match made in heaven. Here are some combinations from both my faves: Click on the Lookbook link for sources:
madewell and tenoversix
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Madewell and tenoversix
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

H&M and the high low

When I was a teenager living in Belgium I used to shop at H&M like crazy. Mini skirts, denim vests, bangle bracelets (this was the 90's). Now I don't go into H&M as often because I feel like it can be such a zoo and hard to navigate. On-line is much easier. Here are a few of my favorite H&M pieces in lookbooks with the high low mix.
 H and M
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Here is how the jacket and color block top above looks on:See Lookbook above for sources.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mama's breakfast

With my first child I knew all of his little preschool friends and their mom's. We would get together for ambitious things like play-dates, meet at Starbucks, GO TO THE PARK (ohhhh...it has been a while), take the kids to a museum...Now that I am a full-throttle mom of 3, this is not exactly how I roll. However, with the new year here I vowed to up my game, corral some of the mom's that I frantically shout hello to as I peel out of the preschool lot and host a mama's breakfast. I feel like once you have your second child, and possibly your third, you come out of that matrix of organized activity and into the routine of keep everyone alive, shower, attempt a cooked meal, and get everyone to bed before you start screeching. Here is a photo that I liked that inspired me:

via Garance Dore

This is what I wore(I am getting a lot of milage out of my $14 J Crew T-shirt(no longer available on-line but totally stocked up in Santa Monica J Crew):ps-I was going for the "rock and roll waves" of Spring 2013! These poppy skinny jeans with zippers are from the Gap and the velvet tuxedo jacket is my favorite from Club Monaco (which is on sale now). Shoes are the zebra print from London Sole (I have had these for 5 years and they still work, zebra available in the Montana Ave store but not online)

I arranged the food all in the kitchen, super casual and cozy. Here are some photos:

Hydrangeas and cabbage flowers

This basket situation is from target. It is perfect for baked goods or bread. Every time I host a party I break it out.

These are the Barefoot Contessa Raspberry crumble bars recipe here. So easy and they were gobbled up!

Before I host a party I always like to pick up a few things to spruce my house up a bit(all purchased for under $50). I hit Acapillow in Santa Monica. They have the best vintage tablecloths, antique plant holders(pictures),shell pots,vintage pillows(pictured).

Love this $25 on sale vintage pillow

This is where we ate. I love banquettes. 

French fashion icons

J'adore French fashion and love seeing what the French girls are wearing. Here are the latest French muses via Fashionologie:

Elisa Sednauoi

Elisa Sednaoui

Ana Giradot

Clmence Posy

Camille Miceli

This is a photo of Camille Miceli and the jewelry she designs for Dior: LOVE the lucite and THE SNAKE!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to lose a quick 10 before that 40th birthday party...

A friend recently told me that she had a party coming up in a week that she needed to drop a quick 10 for (it was a joke). I am going to give away a major secret: although this may look like something that your high school boyfriend wore to wrestling matches, this hot little number actually works wonders with a snug dress or pencil skirt and silky top. It actually keeps your circulation in tact too. Au revoir muffin top, saddle bags and uni-boob. Sorry about the racy photo, but this is business. It comes in nude skin color as well for lighter colored frocks: 
Spanx bodysuit.

Wear this with all of this below: Beverly Jacobs Lookbook for dress sources.

dresses to wear with the suit

Some Favorite Cuffs

I love Isabel Marant Cuffs. Also, love the Saint Laurent cuff on the bottom right! Start stashing the cash or keep your eye out for the look for less! 
These are some of my favorite Cuffs! Click on this for sources!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Blazer and T-shirt pulled together

I love the look of a t-shirt under a blazer. This is what I am wearing and how I combine it. I think it is very French and casual yet pulled together. Here is me and then the look.  The t-shirt is from J Crew in Santa Monica. It is not online at the moment. I am posting one very similar. The jacket and pants are from Zara. The pants were on sale on top of a sale; check your local Zara! The shoes are London Sole and my absolute favorite line of ballet flats. xo

J Crew T-shirt, Zara Jacket

Zara jacquard pants

London Sole flats

My favorite bracelet that I wore with all of this:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie link bracelet in Hematite

Sunday, January 13, 2013

LOVE the Zara Jacket and what to wear with it

I am a Zara-phene. I go in all the time. A lot for clients and a lot to grab one item that tends to add a pop to my wardrobe. It is instant European style for the fashionista in all of us! And all the mom's in mini vans included!  I love this coat and here is how I will wear it:

Zara Printed short coat

Here is a lookbook:ps--LOVE this Chloe Harlyn bag too: It will fit everything and looks chic!

Zara coat
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

My favorite hair for 2013: Rock and Roll Waves

I love the waves that were on the runway for Spring 2013. I am going to do the big barrel curling iron wrap and the middle part!