Spring Lookbook 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Emerson Fry: Spring is in the Air

I am a big fan of Emerson Fry. I am so excited to now have them on my sidebar as a sponsor! Here are my favorites for Spring. xo

The Looks:

Hawaii dress

Big R Tee

Mick pant ivory--coming soon

Obsessed with these shoes:
Cuff heels

Short sleeveless keyhole dress
Emerson Fry
Emerson Fry Leopard shopper
Emerson Fry Cuff bracelet

Emerson Fry Ankle strap

Pull tab leopard skirt

Emerson Fry Mick Pant in railroad

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wardrobe Project: Marieka Kline

I had the pleasure of working on Marieka's wardrobe this week.  It was such a fun project and such a joy to be in her beautiful home. Marieka Kline is a local interior designer and is based in Malibu. She is dripping with style and probably one of the nicest most lovely people you will ever meet! Here is the lovely Marieka and check out her website here. She graciously let me share her project with all of you!

We spent about 2 hours going through Marieka's entire gorgeous wardrobe and there were treasures to be found and also plenty of things that she was willing and ready to part with as illustrated below:

Now that Marieka is edited and knows exactly what is in her wardrobe we are ready to fill the holes. I LOVE this part of the process because it involves shopping and looking at beautiful things! Here is a peek at a few of the looks that I think would fit seamlessly into her wardrobe:

marieka vt
Marieka's Spring wardrobe lookbook

marieka vt kline
Marieka's Spring wardrobe lookbook

marieka kline
Marieka's Spring wardrobe lookbook