Spring Lookbook 2013

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Bracelets and gladiators

I love the look of summer bracelets with t-shirts and gladiator style sandals. This is a great, summer look that can go from the beach out to dinner. Here are some great bracelets:

The 2 Bandits Sunshine Daydream Cuff
2 Bandits Sunshine Daydream cuff
African Turareg bracelets
Vanessa Mooney Bead it bracelet

Vanessa Mooney Malibu bracelet


Oversized scultpted bracelet
Double stalicite cuff

Lizzie Fortunato Taos bracelet
Lizzie Fortuanto Labradorite Taos bracelet
Lizzie Fortunato woven chain bracelet
Lizzie Fortunato Lapis bracelet

Some great sandals:

Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook

Here is the look:

bracelet and gladiators
Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

sandals and bracelets
Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Flatters...What Flattens (and sometimes Fattens)

One thing that I talk to clients a lot about is what combinations are flattering and what combinations make the outfit look off.  Proportion is key.  Here are a few examples of how proportion should work:

1.  Cropped Top: High Waist 

If you are wearing a more cropped top wear a higher waisted pant, shorts or skirt.  A low waist will make you look wide and too much like one of the Kardashian's showing tummy.  

boxy top, high waist
Cropped top: High Waist Lookbook

2.  Long Top-Long pants

If you are wearing a longer top or tunic do not wear it with shorts or even capri pants--it will make you legs look squatty and your hips look wide.  Pair a long top with a long slim legged pant (to the ankle or just below).  This will elongate your body and make you look slim. Think cigarette pants or skinnier jeans.

long top, skinny pant
Long Top: Skinny pant Lookbook

3.  Boxy top: Tighter bottoms

If you are wearing a boxy top do not wear pleated or super baggy pants.  A boxy top belongs with a pencil skirt, straight leg jeans or slim cut cropped pants.  Remember--Big top, small bottom.

boxy top, slim bottom
Boxy Top: Slim pants Lookbook

4.  When wearing a dress that needs to be belted belt at the waist--if you belt low (unless you are tiny) you are adding major bulk to your hip area.  Usually a woman's torso right below the bust to the top of the waist is the area to showcase.  Not where your hips widen.  And lose the wide, low belts.  They don't work on most people.

Rebecca Taylor belted silk dress

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Working Mom's Wardrobe

I work with many women that are working moms: investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, ect.  These women have to look polished and professional but they also want to look stylish and not "corporate mom." Here are some ideas for working wardrobes that look professional but that are also fashion forward.  Time to ditch the Ann Taylor bootleg suit from 1990 and update, update, update! Working Women Rise!!! Also, your working wardrobe is investment quality because at work you want to look expensive. You will only be buying a few pieces so make them beautiful and versatile. If investment is not in your budget find the look for less at places like Banana Republic and J Crew. Also, check out my updated Spring 2013 Lookbook here!
working mom
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook: Working Mom

working mom
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook: Working Mom

working mom
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook: Working Mom

working mom
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook: Working Mom
working mom
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook: Working Mom

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A white mini and how to wear it

I love this skirt from J Crew. It is simple and clean and very versatile.  Here is how to wear it: 

White denim mini
J Crew white denim skirt

white mini
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook
white mini
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook

white skirt

Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook

whtie skirt
Beverly Jacobs Spring Lookbook

Monday, May 6, 2013

St.Thomas..We're back!!!

Here are some photos from St. Thomas.  We LOVED every second.  Gorgeous resort, clear water, excellent duty free/tax free shopping--coming from 10% CALI we were lovin' that! It was a great trip and this week I am off to the wardrobes!Xo

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mother's Day..What to buy and what to wear

Here are some things I love for Mother's Day and what to wear for brunch that day! Personally, I like to look like Dorris Day on Mother's Day:)

Some cute cards:
Sugar Paper Los Angeles card
Sugar Paper Mother's Day card
Sugar Paper Mother's Day card

Happy Mother's Day letterpress card
Mother's Day card
LOVE YOU MOM: Flat Lettepressed Card & Envelope (1ct)
Letterpress Mother's Day card

Some great gifts:
CREED Fleurs de Gardenia
Creed Fleurs de Gardenia perfume

Acqua di Parma soaps

You Rule Dogeared necklace

Houbigant Paris Quelques Fleurs Shower gel

Jo Malone Osmanthus blossom cologne

These LL Bean Monogrammed bags are a great gift too; perfect for summer! via domesticated life

One of my favorite go-to Mother's Day gifts is a hydrangea (via Trader Joes) in a shell pot from Acapillow, Santa Monica:

I received these planters as gifts years ago and they are my absolute favorite!
Artisan planter clam and Murex sea shell potter

What to wear to brunch that day:

large image view
Kate Spade Cathleen dress

Cynthia Steffe 'Gina' Print Shift Dress
Cynthia Steefe "Gina" Print Shift dress

large image view
Kate Spade Sonja dress

large image view
Kate Spade Caitlyn dress

large image view
Kate Spade Mariela Dress

I LOVE this clutch with all of this too:

large image view
Diane von Furstenburg Tonda small clutch