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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Desks that I love by Noir Manufacturers

Years and years ago when we first moved to LA and I was desperate to furnish our home on a shoe string budget I had heard about a place called Noir.  This was a warehouse in Gardena that sold furniture exclusively to the trade, however, legend had it that if you knocked on their warehouse door with a wad of cash they wouldn't leave you out in the cold (or hot since we're talking about Gardena here).  So I drove by myself FAR into Gardena and did just that.  They let me in and I was AMAZED that they basically made everything for every decor store in Los Angeles.  I bought some of my favorite pieces from them that still look amazing.  Noir has since moved to the design center in LA where you need a pass and to be with a designer....now that's no fun! Here are some of my new favorites that will be smuggled into our home:
Colonial writing desk in black

Ferret desk Black

Isabelle Sideboard Grey

This is a photo from Reese Witherspoon's Ojai home in Elle Decor 2012:

This desk looks Noir made! Source

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  1. Ah, Noir. How dare they go mainstream? YOU spotted them WAY before Reese did.