Spring Lookbook 2013

Saturday, December 22, 2012

High top talk again

This morning I saw Heidi Klum at Whole foods. She looked amazing and was wearing, a long coat with leather sleeves like this one, skinny jeans, black high top wedge sneakers and gold aviators.  She is a mom-goddess and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be her (except for the divorce from Seal which still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about). Tonight we were at the movies in Sherman Oaks and popped into DSW. I found some shoes to try to copy Heidi shamelessly. I know I am late on this sneaker thing, but I think these need to come into the mom masses. No minivan disqualifies you if Heidi is wearing them.  She has 4 kids for heavens sake.

Madden girl Olleyy wedge
Report Yana Wedge sneaker

Some shots of Heidi:

Heidi Klum Shoes

Heidi Klum Shoes

Here is the look:
Heid Klum

Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

Christmas progressive dinner party

This is where the idea for a progressive dinner came from, only I wasn't quite this ambitious and we don't live in Brooklyn where we can walk so easily.  I DO love this artwork though and how it looks like each persons stoop!

I read about a progressive dinner last year on A Blog about Love and thought it would be fun to try it out. The whole concept was confusing to my husband but I persevered. I invited families from my 2nd grade son's school, which was great to get to see everyone without being surrounded by screaming children(my own)at drop off. It ended up being 20 people which was big enough to feel like a crowd but small enough where everyone got to talk to each other. I loved seeing people dressed up and it was a chance to finally have an uninterrupted conversation. We ate appetizers at our friend's house up the street and then came to our house for heavy dinner, punch and dessert (and lots of dancing...Flo Rida...much to the neighbors chagrin). Here are some photos:

I put medium sized mason jars lining my walkway with candles so that when everyone arrived it looked festive.

This is the night before our party. Notice Ruby's pink kitchen featured prominently!

This was my first ever buche de noel. It was really fun to make and it was so yummy. With all of that cream and chocolate how could it not be awesome!

Earlier that morning I was in Santa monica picking up my favorite macaroons from Vanilla Bake Shop and I saw a EVERYTHING 40% Off sign in front of Banana Republic. I threw the goodies in the back seat and ran in there. I found this great dress (details below) for $80.  It is a very traditional looking dress so I wanted to make it look a little more edgy, less Southern debutante. I also wore an interesting copper chained cuff that went 4 inches up my arm that I feel like made it more interesting than white pearls.

Here is the look:

Christmas party
Beverly Jacobs Fall Lookbook

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A great pink dress

I love this bright pink dress. As the new year approaches it feels hopeful and fresh. I like it for daytime parties with the gold shoe and the evening with the black shoes. This pink works on many skin tones and is fun for January. I also love the collar necklace with it.

pink dress

Beverly Jacobs Fall Lookbook

I think this Lanvin bag is perfect with this dress too:

Lanvin The happy grossgrain shoulder bag

Monday, December 17, 2012

Push past the teenagers and storm the doors of Forever 21

Normally I associate Forever 21 with the smell of cheap perfume, synthetics, and teens. That being said I go there once in a while and fill a giant yellow mesh bag that they so graciously provide with everything trendy in sight. These shoes are my favorite.

Forever 21 Metal trim oxfords

Here is how I am wearing these:

Beverly Jacobs Fall Lookbook

Beautiful for less at MANGO

There is a Mango right near me in Santa Monica. Sometimes I pop in and grab great things. They are well priced and fun and look more expensive then they are.

Plumeti blouse
Plumeti Blouse

This is one of my favorites. I love the collar and this looks amazing with any number of jackets. 

Embellished shoulders dress
Embellished shoulders dress

This next one reminds me of an A.P.C. dress that costs three times what this one does:

Animal print wrapped dress
MANGO dress

I LOVE this cardigan.  I would wear it with everything.  This is an acrylic/wool blend and is not a forever sweater. It is trendy. Keep a season or two and then I'm afraid it will be over.  
Ethnic style cardigan

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Alexander Wang on sale and gorgeous

Alexander Wang's pieces are always perfectly shaped, well made and interesting.  These are investment pieces that will always give your Fall/Winter wardrobe a pop. These are some things to invest in now while they are on sale.  Fashion for the masses!!!

ALEXANDER WANG Charcoal Leather Sleeved CoatALEXANDER WANG Charcoal Leather Sleeved CoatALEXANDER WANG Charcoal Leather Sleeved Coat
Alexander wang charcoal leather sleeved coat

ALEXANDER WANG Black Velvet Joana Oxford FlatsALEXANDER WANG Black Velvet Joana Oxford Flats
Alexander Wang Velvet Joana Oxford Flat

ALEXANDER WANG Yellow Metallic Angora Knit SweaterALEXANDER WANG Yellow Metallic Angora Knit Sweater

Alexander Wang Yellow Metallic Angora Knit sweater

ALEXANDER WANG Faux Skin Round SunglassesALEXANDER WANG Faux Skin Round Sunglasses
Alexander Wang Faux Skin Round sunglasses

Sea dresses

I love the line Sea. The dresses are beautifully made and fit perfectly. Here are some great pieces.  

Sea Leopard dress
Sea Combo zip front dress

Sea Combo lace dress
Sea trimmed t-shirt dress