Spring Lookbook 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Thomas and what to wear

Here are some photos of where we are going next month. I am SO excited and I am starting to think about what to pack because April is practically here. This is a work related trip (not mine:) and there will be a lot of events both daytime and evening to think about.

The Palazzo at Twilight

The Spa Beach Cabana, perfect for a relaxing massage

Some ideas:

st thomas

Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

st thomas

Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook
st thomas
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

st thomas
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

st thomas
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

St thomas

Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Proenza Schouler Spring obsessions

I LOVE Proenza Schouler and their spring 2013 accessories.  Here are my favorites and how I would pair them with pieces from Club Monaco, among others, and shoes from Loeffler Randall:


PS1 Medium two tone medium satchel

proenza schouler
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Clockwise from top left:
1. Madewell silk picket stripe tee

2. Club Monaco Karina in mint blazer
3. Karen Walker Soul Club sunglasses

4. Proenza Schouler clutch (available at Santa Monica Nordstrom)
5. BCBG Generation Les Pyramides bracelet in black
6. Loeffler Randall knot clog

7. Club Monaco Sonica Skinny pant in apricot

Proenza schouler

Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Clockwise from top left:
Club Monaco Kenna shirt
Anthropologie Nadja Necklace
Proenza Schouler clutch
Loeffler Randall Lotte knot clog
Celine sunglasses
Patricia striped silk pants

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping Strategy: Wardrobe Curating

After I do the initial closet edit I make a list of the holes that a client needs in order to have a complete wardrobe that all works together seamlessly.  I send many links with on-line possibilities and the rest we do in store.  This is really one of my favorite parts of the process because it is sort of the final piece to having a fashionable, functional wardrobe. The magic always happens in store when my client can see the new pieces and how they will work with what they have in their closets.  For an example of the wardrobe curating process click here

Here is my process for shopping with clients:

1.  I pick 3-4 stores (My stores are usually Bloomingdales, Club Monaco, J Crew, Madewell and Zara) for a client based on their style and budget and go in advance and fill the dressing rooms with many pieces that go together. I also pull jewelry and accessories. 

2.  Once my client has arrived we start at the most expensive store first. This is important because the material, cut and fit are usually superior so it sets the standard for how we WANT things to feel and look. Once my client tries everything on I have them only pick what they LOVE and can't live without. Then we put the items on hold so that they can come back if they don't find other items for less.  My job is to make my clients look and feel fabulous, not to break the bank!

3.  We then hit the other stores and I am very honest about how the items look and how they will fit in their overall wardrobe. We also hold the items so that when I am done my client can go back and only buy what he/she wants. There is no pressure that way and they can take and leave what they please.  

On my way to shop with a client:

This is the Zara PJ shirt I LOVE, Current Elliot slouchy stilleto jeans and my Jenni Kayne look-a-likes:) Super comfy and could run a mile in these shoes! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Zadig and Voltaire

I was shopping for a client at Bloomingdales, Century City and came across LOADS of Zadig and Voltaire. Gorgeous fabrics and cuts: Investment pieces ($$$ but worth every cent)!

I am obsessed with their sweaters (via Lyst):

Zadig & Voltaire Cardigan Oreade Bis Cashmere in Gray (slate) - LystZadig & Voltaire Cardigan Oreade Bis Cashmere in Black - Lyst

Zadig & Voltaire Cardigan Oreade Bis Cashmere in Beige (sky) - Lyst
Zadig & Voltaire Cardigan Pistol F - Lyst

Here are some other favorites via a Lookbook:
Zadig and Voltaire
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Zadig and Voltaire
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Zadig and Voltaire
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Sweatshirts and a statement necklace=Instant Style and Comfort

I LOVE the sweatshirts that have been all over Paris for a few seasons and are recently popping up in stores near you. I love the idea of a sweatshirt: No muffin top in sight, cozy, casual and chic. I am probably not going to wear a really graphic print sweatshirt like the ones below, but LOVE the sweatshirts from Zara further down.  I love the look with a statement necklace or other bold jewelry to give it a bit of polish.  xo

French Street Look:

via Harpers Bazaar Spring Fashion Week 2013 Paris

Sweatshirts that you and I will wear: 

Zara Thermofix sweatshirt

Zara Thin Velor t-shirt

Zara padded sweatshirt

Zara combination sweatshirt

Zara Batwing sweatshirt

In a Lookbook:

Start with the sweatshirt:

Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

Add these:

AG Stevie Ankle
AG Stevie Ankle jeans

Add one of these:

From top left clockwise:

Anthropologie Sparkled Agate collar necklace
Anthropologie Lapis Beaded Bib necklace
Anthropologie Nadja necklace
Anthropologie Chasca necklace

Some great shoes to bring the look together:

report D'Orsay
Report D'Orsay shoes (these look expensive and are super cute for $69)

A Lookbook:
Beverly Jacobs Spring 2013 Lookbook

Me in my Zara sweatshirt dressed up:

Paribas Open: Palm Desert 2013

We had so much fun this weekend at the Paribas Open at Indian Wells.  The weather was divine and SO relaxing! xo

Happy Weekend!