Spring Lookbook 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Great Cuff bracelets

These are great cuff bracelets that make any outfit look interesting and chic.  I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber cuff.  One in every color por favor!

Beverly Jacobs Spring Summer Lookbook

Friday, July 5, 2013

Inexpensive Flats and how to wear them

In every wardrobe a flat is an important staple. They are comfortable and easy to throw on and are a polished alternative to a flip flop or a poorly fitting loafer.  They remind me of Audrey Hepburn. 


zara flats

Zara Flats

ballet flats
Sam Edelman Flats

Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

Beverly Jacobs Lookbook

Crazy stock up sale at Piperlime

I order from Piperlime all the time. It is fast, free shipping and they always have great inventory and interesting styles.  They are giving things away left and right. Here are some of my favorite sandals: Buy now while there are still sizes left!

Plomo Sandal

Schutz sandal

Gillian by Sigerson Morrison sandals

Gentle Souls Opal sandals (also in blue below)

 I am pressing order on this shoe below because I have wanted it all season and it is a great price now.  I will wear these through September in L.A.

Coclico Juna wedge

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Navy for Fall

I love a good navy. It is chic and sophisticated but not as harsh or boring as black. For Fall 2013 the runway's were decked with navy.  Here are some great looks and some navy that I am obsessed with at the end of the post.

Images via Harper's Bazaar Fall Runway:



Prubel Gurung

Here are my favorite navy things right now for Fall: I am obsessed with these navy suede Chloe boots!!!
Beverly Jacobs Fall 2013 Lookbook

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Start with Karen Walker Sunglasses and pull together a great look

I went to Barney's Co-op in Georgetown and was LOVING all the Karen Walker glasses. I have a few of these pairs and I think they are super well made and make a statement. Good sunglasses can transform anyone and a good, fashion forward pair makes everyone look ten years younger and instantly chic! I'll take it! I love to wear these glasses with a Proenza bag. I just found a great one at TJ Maxx that was on uber-clearance in the designer section.  Evidentially no one in Northern Virginia was interested in an enormous, purply-blue suede Proenza Schouler bag. I wouldn't let it out of my hands as the woman helped me unlock it from the masses of wire that attached it to the rack. Too risky. Throw on a military inspired jacket and you have a great look.

Karen Walker sunglasses
Karen Walker Number one sunglasses
Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses
Karen Walker Northern lights sunglasses
Karen Walker eyewear clear glasses

Beverly Jacobs Spring Summer Lookbook

military jackets
Beverly Jacobs Spring Summer Lookbook

And if you really want to hit it out of the park go for one of these! (I like this look with a white James Perse tank or tee and cigarette or straight leg jeans or solid colored shorts.  With a statement necklace everything else needs to be simple. For shoes a simple Ancient Greek Sandal in a nude.
Beverly Jacobs Spring Summer Lookbook

Greetings from Virginia!!!

We are going on week two of vacation in Northern Virginia.  We are having the time of our lives here. It has been so fast paced I haven't had a minute to post! Here are some shots of our vacation. Once I get back I will be hitting Fall fashion hard.  Come August when I work with clients I will be focusing only on Fall wardrobe because by now they are giving away all of the Spring/Summer lines everywhere and hoping everyone is scooping up deals to wear into Fall.  

Here are some quick shots of the trip this far:

John and I before my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner at Chima in Tysons Corner

Pie Sisters in Georgetown

Pie Sisters with my sister Jean

Dean and Deluca Georgetown

Calvin and Ruby visiting my best friend's family home where I spent countless hours growing up. Her lovely mother still lives there and it was so fun to catch up!

Me at Zara in Georgetown making off like a bandit on the HUGE sale. There is so much more inventory than in the LA Zara's. I am in heaven!!!
P.S. This is where our kids are at camp where they are being completely immersed in the outdoors and come home exhausted, happy and drenched in sweat: Camp Greenway at Madeira School, Great Falls.