Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Loft: Bulk ordering

Usually I preach moderation and quality over quantity. However, I ignored my best advice and ordered in bulk from the LOFT. Everything felt like a deal and I will have lots of summer clothes to wear around and not worry about. These pieces may be one season and done which is okay because my total was the same as one Isabel Marant top. A note about sizing. Since this is all mass produced you are better off going one full size smaller. I am going to pair these things with higher end bags, shoes and good jewelry. The packages started arriving last night.

Here are some things I scooped up:

Image of Spacedye Sweater Tee
space dyed sweater swing tee

Image of Embroidered Floral Top
embroidered top (looks like 

Image of Drapey Cargo Jacket
Drapey cargo jacket (great cut--go smaller)

Image of Eyelet Midi Skirt
eyelet midi skirt

Image of Linen Utility Skirt
linen utility skirt

Image of Cropped Linen Sailor Pants
cropped linen sailor pants

Image of Drawstring Overalls
overalls (why on earth not?)

Image of Boho Midi Dress
boho midi dress

Image of Striped Linen Midi Dress
striped linen midi dress

Image of Geo D'Orsay Sandals
geo d'orsay flats

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