Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Big Transition: Winter to Spring/Summer

I have been working like crazy the past few weeks helping clients transition from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer.  This is the most labor intensive season change as winter clothing tends to be more bulky with sweaters and coats.  Below is my process to get the spring/summer wardrobe up and running and winter all packed away, also stay tuned for the essentials that I have picked for building a spring wardrobe:

Here is a peek at Gwyneth Paltrow's spring wardrobe for a little inspiration: via dailymailuk
Every occasion covered: The actress shows how cropped jackets can be worked for a casual look...

... or for the office when teamed with the right accessorises

1.  Get at least 3 big, clear storage bins with lids and label "Fall/Winter"
2.  Go through your wardrobe and pull out everything (I mean everything, including shoes/boots) that you will not wear for the next 6 months (in LA Fall does not start until October so it is a long stretch of spring/summer).  
3.  Be honest with yourself: If you did not wear those fall/winter items this past year, decide if you are ever going to wear and LOVE these pieces.  If the answer is no, put in the donate pile.  Unless it was an investment there is no need to keep things that are not serving you in your wardrobe. If it was expensive hang onto it and re-evaluate in September when you are transitioning again.
4.  Pack up those winter items: coats, boots, dark coated jeans, corduroy, heavy wool, dark long sleeve tees, turtle necks, wool blazers and skirts, anything with fur, and put neatly in the bin with cedar bars (moths are not your friend!).
5.  Pull out your spring/summer bins and honestly evaluate what you have.  Do these things fit? Are they faded? Are they out of style? If yes, donate.  Spring is about new beginnings and SHEDDING! 
6.  Organize your spring wardrobe.  I do short sleeve tees in 1 drawer, long sleeve another drawer, and then hang up in the following order: top left: little blazers and light jackets, silk tops, silk tanks, cotton more casual tops that need to be hung.  jeans that can be hung organized by cut or color (boyfriends together, skinnies together, washed out together, white together, ect.), skirts.  Long hang up area: dresses, pants that need to hang long and longer skirts, and bathing suit cover-ups.  I like to get crazy and color code things but clearly this is not for everyone! 
7.  Find out what is in style now and make a list of the things you want to add to your spring/summer wardrobe.  P.S. stay tuned because this post is coming up! 
Happy spring summer! xo

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