Spring Lookbook 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Le Parker Meridien, Palm Springs

I am so excited to go to Le Parker Meridien, Palm Springs! This is a Thelma and Louise sort of adventure that will involve 6 hours at the outlets, combing through every rack at Off Fifth and Last Call and then stuffing down a slice of food court pizza before we become faint at 9:00 when the outlets close their doors.  Last year we were there and saw some sweet tourists from Tokyo passed out in the food court on chairs with Gucci and Prada bags around their ankles and wrists.  They had literally shopped to a point of exhaustion and had done themselves proud.  It is not easy to sleep in a food court. Finally when we can shop no more we will retire to The Parker where we will probably gab until we can't keep our eyes open only to jump up for exercise and breakfast at Norma's which for anyone who hasn't been, you must go now. It will be hot out there but we don't care--we hope 100 degrees scares everyone else away so we can tear through the outlets and get a lounge chair by The main Parker pool. No small feat. xo

Le Parker Meridien, Palm Springs:images via Parker Palm Springs

Spa Manifesto

This is the Spa and it is amazing!!!

Image: TheParkerPalmSprings.com
Norma's for breakfast

The pool--this is the side pool on the property

Here are some ideas for what to wear all from Tenoversix:
Penny Romper
Ilana Kohn Penny romper
Jardin Top
Jardin top

Byron Dress
Byron dress

Lace Straw Hat, Natural
Morgan Carper Vilar dress

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