Wardrobe Services

    We have all been there: Standing in the middle of our closets wondering what on earth we should wear. Sometimes our closets are spring-loaded full of things that either don't fit or no longer work for our ever-changing lifestyle. New babies, career changes, various events and just everyday life can put us in a wardrobe tail-spin. Men for ages have been confounded by this scenario: Woman standing in a closet full of clothing and having NOTHING to wear.  

     Imagine stepping into a closet that is full of ONLY things that you wear AND look great on you! Imagine seeing a look or a style that you admire and actually being able to achieve it easily. Your closet may be full of things that you never thought of putting together that work beautifully. Your wardrobe will be edited and reinvented. The "holes" that you have will be filled. I also offer a personalized binder with photos of your outfits including shoes and accessories, organized into tabbed sections to make getting dressed and looking great effortless.  

     I offer an array of wardrobe services:

                Style by appointment
                Wardrobe edit/update
                Personal shopping 
                Personalized online or bound lookbooks
                Wardrobe overhaul/organization
                Online consultation/styling
Rates: Hourly or project based

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  1. I love your blog! Your ideas and recommendations inspire me to look better as I drive my girls to carpool or go on a date night with Tim:)